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About Leisa

When I was young, I wanted to be a teacher!

    I was always very confident that’s what I wanted to do for the rest of my life. Plus, my Mother was a teacher. Until I got to high school and loved ‘Home Economics’, which involved a portion of cooking delicious foods. I started to really have an interest in food and what happens to food when we eat it. I also grew up with my parents always taking a holistic approach to illness, nutritious foods and would treat the four of us kids with natural medicine as much as possible

My own health problems….

    I experienced extremely painful headaches all of my high schooling life. Along with leaky gut, cold sores, hormonal imbalances and congested skin. I had seen many different doctors and even had a CT scan. It wasn’t until I saw a Naturopath who took many factors into consideration, cleaned up my diet, gave supplement support and taught me a lot about my own body. I saw what impact diet has on every biochemical reaction within the body and I wanted to learn more

Becoming a Naturopath….

    The more I found out, the more I wanted to become a Naturopath myself. With some encouragement from my beautiful science teacher at school (who is now also a Naturopath) and my parents. I decided to give it a go! Here I am 7 years later and my love for natural medicine is strong and always want to keep up to date with evidence based research

My goal….

    • – To give you understanding as to what is occurring in your own body


    • – For you to take responsibility of your own level of health and what it is you need to focus on for your own wellbeing.


    – To encourage and support you in your health journey while you make positive changes for a happy healthy life!
    I am very passionate about educating my clients about food and living a healthy lifestyle. I have previously practiced in Toowoomba and Brisbane

My growing family….

    Since having 2 children of my own, I have gained even more knowledge about nutrition and the importance of having a healthy diet and attitude towards food from a young age.


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Leisa Skerman is a Brisbane Naturopath who enjoys sharing her knowledge and passion for naturopathy with her readers and clients. If you enjoyed this post, please leave a comment, or share it with your friends on your favourite social media using the buttons above.