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As a Brisbane Naturopath, I spend 1 hour with each client for both Initial and Follow up consultations. This allows me to gather as much information as possible about each person and personalise a treatment plan accordingly. Each individual is different and will have varied health concerns and complaints. Taking all factors into consideration and using evidence based medicine to treat my clients needs.

How? Detailed questioning on all body systems may reveal symptoms, current or past diseases, past operations and family history. This information gives a great indication of where your health status is at. Further investigation is performed such as VEGA testing, iridology, tongue and nail analysis to find the underlying cause of any health concerns. These are the things you can expect from your initial consultation with Leisa.

Follow up consultations are required to follow up on health progress. A lot can happen in a few weeks, so it is good to track supplement progress, nutrition and re address clients health goals. Ongoing support and encouragement will continue throughout your health journey.


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