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What is Naturopathy?

Naturopathy is a holistic system of healing that utilises a broad spectrum of treatments and natural therapies, all based on the fundamental belief that your body is capable of fighting infection and disease itself, when it is provided with the right support.

While conventional medicine is preoccupied with treating the symptoms of a disease or illness, naturopathy adopts a holistic approach to healthcare and places your overall health as the number priority priority.


For example, a client may present with a skin condition called psoriasis all over their body. A naturopathic perspective is to depict if there is a genetic involvement, and the state of the client’s immune system, as 70% of our body’s immune defences is located in our digestive system. If our digestive health is not up to scratch such as healthy and unhealthy bacterial balance, stomach acid and stomach lining our immune system can be compromised, therefore creating an immune system response and then presenting from the inside out on the skin.

It focuses on whole body health care using treatment and preventative measures to ensure a disease process does not reoccur. Diet and environmental factors are taken into consideration during the assessment process, then nutritional and herbal medicine is used to support a variety of biochemical pathways for health and well-being and in order to encourage your body to heal itself.

Naturopaths are typically accredited by national associations, which ensure that they have undergone the required training, and comply with the highest standards of naturopathic practice.


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