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Need a little help? A detox is a great way to start off the season for an effective therapeutic detox! Now is the time people are getting their running shoes back on after a cold winter….telling themselves they have to get back into exercise and work on their “Before” and “After” body…..but some struggle with getting to the “before”. Find what motivates you and have a goal. If running is not your thing, get into swimming. If swimming doesn’t float your boat, get into rock climbing. If rock climbing doesn’t rock your socks off, find another physical activity which you can incorporate into your busy lifestyle.


Here are some ways to take control of your body and get ready for your summer body:


1. Join the local gym

Making sure it is nice and close so there are no excuses to not go! Most gym’s consist of all different types of physical activity for different interests– Yoga, Pilates, Cycling, swimming, body balance and body pump.

2. Detox

Using the most comprehensive formula’s including nutritional and herbal medicine products with the highest quality ingredients. I can help give your body the kick start it needs! Dietary advice is also very important, including a variety of luscious fresh fruit and vegetables, moderate amount of animal meats and complex carbohydrates, your body will be fuelled with what it requires to boost your metabolism. A consultation for appropriate products and dietary recommendations is essential.

3. Yoga

Practise relaxation techniques. Stress hormones called cortisol and adrenalin may prevent your body to be able to restore and rejuvenate itself. Breathing exercises increase oxygen transportation throughout the body, having a positive effect on anxiety and energy.

4. Holiday

Reduces over production of stress hormones and increases endorphins, making you feel happy. Spending time with the family or loved ones can be very therapeutic.

5. Juicing

Cleansing on the gallbladder and If liver and increases your metabolic rate. Coming soon – delicious weight loss / detox juice recipes!

6. Team sports

Netball, soccer, touch football, volleyball etc.

7. Sun

Increase your exposure to sun light in between 10am – 2pm for about 15-20 minutes each day. This increases vitamin D3 which may help weight loss in overweight or obese individuals.

8. Determine emotional and hormonal disturbances

These factors affect how you feel and your attitude towards certain activities. These need to be addressed as they will affect your ability to lose weight and gain long term control of mind, body and soul.

9. Sleep

Is important for resetting your body clock and allow your body to repair. Studies suggest 7-8 hours of sleep each night is the average amount of sleep that individuals require to reduce cardiovascular disease, cancer, improve energy and stress levels.

Ask Leisa if you are interested in Detox or for other ways to kick start your body!

Leisa Skerman is a Brisbane Naturopath who enjoys sharing her knowledge and passion for naturopathy with her readers and clients. If you enjoyed this post, please leave a comment, or share it with your friends on your favourite social media using the buttons above.



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