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Sunlight is extremely under-rated by most people. Yes, there are many affects excessive sun exposure has on our skin cells increasing the risk of skin cancer. This has scared many people within Australia, especially Queenslanders due to the large amount of sunshine we can get all year round. There is no need to be paranoid about sun exposure, we actually all need it!!! A large number of Queensanders are actually vitamin D dificient. We get Vitamin D3 from the sun between 10am and 2pm. This is when the UV rays that increase vitamin D levels within the body are at their peak!


Benefits of sunlight exposure & vitamin D:

– Reduce risk of breast cancer

– Reduce risk of cardiovascular disease

– Reduce risk of colon cancer

– Prevents oesteoporosis

– Supports healthy neurotransmitter function

– Healthy thryoid hormones & function

– Decrease risk and treat obesity

– Prevents and treats diabetes

– Pregnancy – supplementing during pregnancy increases muscle and bone development along with decreasing risk of obesity, diabetes, oesteoporosis, allergies and other infections in your child.

– Increases immunity against infections

– Decreases inflammation

– Reduces risk of allergies – sinusitis, astham, eczema and hayfever

– Keeps your kidney’s healthy!




15-20 mintues of sunlight per day is good way to increase the absorption / activation and production of

Vitamin D3.

Supplementation is easy and effective. Vitamin D3 drops are available in liquid. 1 drop in the mouth per day is

all it takes! Leisa makes a daily habit of getting sun exposure and also 1 drop of Vitamin D3 liquid per day to

ensure healthy Vitamin D3 levels, alont with the foods below…..


Dietary Sources of Vitamin D:







Cod liver oil

Fortified dairy products – cheese, milk and yoghurt

Sunlight, Vitamin D, Relaxation, health and nutrition

Be D-lighted!








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