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Herbal Medicine

Herbs contain high amounts of different chemical constituents which have positive effects within the body. They have been used for many centuries for general symptoms and chronic diseases. The research for herbal medicine in the last 10 years has grown dramatically, proving the positive therapeutic activity of herbal medicine. Herbal medicine should only be consumed under a natural medicine practitioner for safe and effective dosages.

I use liquid herbal extracts in my clinic, which are produced by the highest quality natural therapy companies, therefore ensuring the highest therapeutic activity leading to results. Herbal liquids can be combined to enhance the treatment of the formula. This is very useful if a client presents with a lot of different health concerns, it is important to use a variety of herbs to enhance the effect.

Majority of my clients take liquid herbs and find them extremely effective for treatment of a variety of different health concerns.

Herbal medicine is highly under rated and should be considered before using pharmaceutical drugs. It is a great natural alternative which support vital organs which respond extremely well, bringing them back to homeostasis (balance).


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