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Vega Testing

The VEGA Machine is an electro dermal testing device used to evaluate the health of patients. It involves an electro magnetic field conducting impulses detected through an acupressure point and moisture within the skin. The more hydrated, the better conductivity and more precise results can be obtained. Client’s hold a metal object in the left hand while the right hand is being pressed  to test the resistance within the body.



The VEGA machine may detect:

  • organ dysfunction
  • pathogens
  • food allergies
  • nutrient deficiencies
  • chemicals
  • toxicity
  • genetic predispositions
  • emotional and structural imbalances.

VEGA testing is a non invasive naturopathic tool that can be used in conjunction with other assessment techniques in order to complete a whole body analysis and develop a thorough treatment plan.

Results are obtained within the consultation and are taken home to compare to future testing in follow up consultations. My clients can see for themselves the positive changes which have occurred since undertaking the treatment plan recommended. This is rewarding, as they take control of their health with the help of supplements to improve overall well-being.

VEGA testing can be performed on client of any age. If you are pregnant or have a pace maker, precautions are taken and VEGA testing may not occur within the consultation.

Experience VEGA testing today, as you may find out more about your body than ever before!


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